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Human Defense,Heliceum’s first video game !

On 05.16.2012

Paris, 15th May 2012 – Heliceum, a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content for Smartphone and tablets, today announced its very first video game, Human Defense, which will be available in June 2012 on mobile/touch platforms.

Following the international success of the famous application Faker$: the wild App, which enables you to enhance your photos, express your creativity and trap your friends – more than 850,000 downloads in only 4 months – Heliceum is now producing video games.

Human Defense is a strategy game based on the “Tower Defense” principle which – for the first time -takes place into the human body! In Human Defense, your mission is to protect the organs from viral threats. To this end, the players should build defensive towers in order to block viruses and manage the blood flow to supply the essential nutrients -Proteins, Carbohydrates and Lipids- to the organs.

“Video games are simply part of Heliceum’s DNA! The team is composed of 25 talented professionals stemming from video game industry companies like Ubisoft and Gameloft,” declares Adrien Dassault, CEO of Heliceum. “With Human Defense, we offer players a unique gaming experience by rejuvenating a well-established game genre, and that’s the spirit of our game development.”

Fun and full featured, Human Defense is intended for both beginners and aficionados of Tower Defense. On top of that, it’s probably the funniest way to learn more about your body thanks to the information revealed as you play the game!

To download the first images and the official trailer, please click on the link below: ftp://press:/Heliceum/Human_Defense

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Set up by Adrien Dassault in 2011, Heliceum is a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content on Smartphone and tablets. Composed of passionate professionals from the video game and Web industry, Heliceum is committed to creating innovative interactive applications, video games and entertainment.

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