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Human Defense Viral: Now everyone can play ‘doctor’

On 11.01.2012

Heliceum launches a new punchy and free – but not ‘light’ – version of its game Human Defense, the Tower Defense inside the human body

Paris, October 29th 2012 – Heliceum, a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content for smartphones and tablets, proudly announces an enhanced and now free version of its game Human Defense: Human Defense Viral.

This new version of the strategy game Human Defense, a ‘Tower Defense’ inside the human body, will be more accessible to captivate and satisfy more and more gamers.

A progressive head-game

The objective is simple: use nutriments to build towers and ward off viral attacks while supplying nutriments to the damaged organ. Managing the blood flow is therefore essential.

Main new features: the game is now free with a more progressive learning curve that allows better understanding of game mechanics for players, allowing them to improve their strategy.

Genetic mutations

Accessibility is the catchword of Human Defense Viral and we were thinking to all gamers, including the less experienced ones, when some features were revised.

It’s now a more intuitive and simplified tutorial that informs and guides gamers.

Game ergonomics were also revised, with a simplification of tower building and organs nutrition.

Human Defense – Gamers statements

« This is by far my favourite tower defense game ever. Never ending fun! A must game. 5 stars worthy. »

« …Une fois le principe compris, c’est du régal à l’état brut ! Ce jeu a de l’avenir !! »

« Hacia tempo que no me encontraba con un TD tan bueno »

About Heliceum

Set up by Adrien Dassault in 2011, Heliceum is a company specialized in the development and publishing of digital content for smartphones and tablets. The team is made up of passionate professionals from the video game and Web industries. Heliceum is committed to creating innovative interactive applications, video games and entertainment.

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