Human Defense

  • Release date: 06.02.2012
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Human Defense

Fight viruses on your iPhone and iPad!

Thousands of viruses are invading your organs!
It is time to build your defenses and control your blood flow in this fast-paced game that will satisfy all the tower defense aficionados!




Cute and fun!

On 11.04.2012
This is a very fun tower defense game! it's very fun to play the graphics are nice and it is like a very cute childish [...]
AppStore quotation / GeordthiFarriols

Great TD game

On 11.03.2012
Great tower defense game. Awesome graphics, nice sound effects and easy to play. There are 6 chapters with a lot of challenging levels. There is [...]
AppStore quotation / ArutyunMokoyan

Human Defense Review

On 06.21.2012
A challenging but intriguing twist on the Tower Defense genre. Read more

Human Defense

On 06.19.2012
Many games feature blood and guts, but HumanDefense has more of these than pretty much any other game, choosing to put you right inside the [...] Read more

Great game!

On 06.14.2012
Great graphic design, original gameplay for a tower defense game :)
AppStore quotation / ayrep

I’d recommend this to any tower defense enthusiast

On 06.14.2012
Build carbohydrate towers to kill viral invaders in HumanDefense Read more


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