Bull – SuperComputor

  • Release date: 01.21.2014
  • Language(s) : Fr, En
  • Category: Games
  • Client: BULL
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Bull – SuperComputor

2+1+4+9 = 16

Challenge the bull SuperComputor, and become the Termimathor!

  • An addictive brain-training game designed for both adults who want to sharpen their mind and children who want to enjoy maths as they learn it.
  • Will the tip of your finger, connect the numbers together to achieve additions and multiplication before the clock rings.
  • Intuitive and addictive gameplay that makes maths have never been so fun.
  • Compare your score both with your Facebook friends and Worldwide.
  • 3 game modes : addition, multiplication and combined mode.

What kind of calculator are you ?




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