Héros des chiffres : Multiplication

  • Release date: 06.05.2014
  • Language(s) : Fr, En, Es, It, De, Pt
  • Category: Games
  • Client: Ravensburger
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Héros des chiffres : Multiplication

Héros des Chiffres: Addition was the winner of the excellence Giga-Maus 2014 award for “best learning game for kids 6-10″


The educational dimension has always been core to Ravensburger’s DNA, expressed through the will to create quality games for children to learn while having fun. Seeing the evolution of an increasingly digital market, Ravensburger wished to create a mathematics game for smartphones and tablets that would be both simple and accessible edutainment for children.


Heliceum offered Ravensburger  to craft two applications – one of them focusing on additions while the other would revolve around multiplication – with a simple, play-based concept for children to study their mathematics. Using a very accessible game mechanic, children will be able to use their fingers to connect numbers for the total – either sum or product depending on the application – to match the number displayed on screen, within the time limit.

Two difficulty levels have been engineered for children to improve at their own pace.

Explore « Héros des chiffres : Multiplication »* on the .

Also available: « Héros des chiffres : Addition »

*”Number Hero : Multiplication”



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